Waterless Cooking Is The Way

Traditionally, most cooking has been done in water. Unfortunately, cooking in water often takes out many of the nutrients, as well as the flavor of the food. A method to avoid losing the natural nutrition of the food is to cook it in a near-waterless environment, using the food’s natural juices. Advantages of Waterless Cooking The waterless cooking method has a number of advantages over conventional cooking. First of all, consider the issues that people have when considering cooking food: Ease of cooking Amount of time cooking takes How difficult it is to clean the cookware Amount of fat and oil in the food Taste of the food Amount of nutrition left in the food A surprising feature of waterless cooking is that it satisfies all the above criteria that a person would require in cooking. Cooking is easy and seems to take less time than conventional cooking. Since the heat is evenly distributed, there is no burning or sticking, making the pots easier to clean. You also don’t have to use oil to prevent sticking. Since the food cooks in its natural juices, it tastes terrific and has more vitamins left in it. The principles of waterless cooking are relatively simple and straightforward. Many people use aluminum cookware because it heats faster, but there have been studies indicating that some aluminum gets into the food, and it may not be good for your health. A solution is to use stainless steel cookware. Waterless cookware is made of high grade stainless steel, which does not allow tastes from the metal to leach into the food. Stainless steel is also easier to clean and does not require such coatings as Teflon, which also may get into the food. The bottom of the cookware is machined flat, so that as much surface as possible is in contact with the coils of an electric stove. The surface is also machined for better efficiency when using a gas stove. An aluminum or copper plate distributes the heat evenly along the bottom of the pot or pan. This eliminates hot spots that can burn the food. It also provides heat to the bottom in all directions. The lid forms a seal with the pot, locking in the natural moisture that escapes from the food during the heating process. Foods can cook in their own natural juices, so that vitamins and minerals are retained. Since vegetables contain a large quantity of water, there is no need to add any when cooking. Water that is released from the vegetables upon cooking turns into steam and is contained in the pot by the lid. The steam helps the cooking process. Once the natural juices create sufficient steam, a whistle or steam valve notifies the cook. At that time the cook can turn off the heat. This saves energy, and the food cooks at a constant temperature, because of the pot’s heat retention capabilities and the heat of the steam inside the pot. Once the cookware gets hot, it retains its heat. The shiny surface of the stainless steel does not radiate much energy, and the iron core or plate maintains the temperature for continuous, constant temperature cooking with the heat turned off. The result of these features is that the food cooks quicker, at lower temperatures, and in their own juices. It is tastier and better for you. How to use your waterless cookware Rinse Prepared Fruits and Vegetables: Rinsing in cold water and then draining is important for 2 reasons; removing harmful chemicals and allowing enough water to cling to the food to combine with natural juices and cook the food in its own steam. This is waterless, nutritional cooking. Add 1/4 inch of water to provide enough steam to cook your vegetables and to activate the steam control valve. Control the Heat: Always control the heat throughout the cooking process. If you have heat that is too high it evaporates the steam and your food burns. With waterless cookware the control is never on higher than medium heat. Get a Vapor Seal: Start the cooking process on medium heat until the steam control valve whistles in the open position. Then turn heat down to low or simmer and close the valve. After you do this the lid will form an airtight heat seal. Note: if steam is escaping around the lid, reduce heat to a lower setting. Solid foods, such as potatoes and carrots, take about five minutes before the steam control valve whistles. More watery type foods, such as apples or cabbage, take about three minutes. Don’t Peek: Resist that urge to peek. When the cover is removed while cooking, heat and steam are allowed to escape. This lengthens the cooking time and dries out the food. Vacuum Release in Knob: If the lid becomes locked on when the food is done, simply open valve to release the vacuum and remove lid. Special Advantages The covers are specially designed to form a natural water-seal with the shoulder of the pan when cooking on low heat. This is the secret of successfully cooking the minimum moisture way. This self-sealing feature helps to retain the food moisture with its valuable minerals and delicious flavors. Cooking is done with economical low heat. Just like insulation in your house, this cookware saves a lot of money over the years on utility bills. The built-in steam control valve whistles like a tea kettle to let you know when to turn the heat down from medium to low or simmer. With waterless cookware you will enjoy a wonderful new method of cooking. Foods cooked the modern, minimum moisture way help retain the greatest percentage of nature’s health giving minerals and vitamins. Elements which are dissolved in water are boiled away when cooked in water. The greatest favor you can do for your family is to prepare food that provides maximum nourishment. Foods cooked on low heat with minimum moisture have way more flavor. Vegetables and fruits retain appetizing colors, meats can be roasted on top of the stove and become tender, juicy and delicious. You can cook without oil or grease for lower cholesterol. Waterless cooking is terrific. The food is tastier and better for you. If you have a chance to try some food cooked with this method, do so. It can make you look and feel better, live longer, have healthier lives and save time and money every day with equipment that quickly pays for itself and continues to produce savings every day for a lifetime. Try it for yourself at http://www.whatsupcooks.com.


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