Cooking At Home Is Healthier For You

Eating out can be a very pleasurable experience. Having dinner with a friend, eating a romantic meal while on a date or celebrating some special event with a party at a restaurant are all things we enjoy doing. Even so, there are few people who eat out all the time and eating at home has many points in its favor. To cook well is to take a food source of vegetable or meaty goodness and convert it into something of pleasing sensations of taste, smell, and texture. It is an act of purest altruism, a performance of sincerity and joy. The art of preparing food, and creating a meal from it goes beyond the act of cutting, slicing, baking, boiling or frying.

There are three reasons to eat at home:

Number one: Cheaper, eating at home is much less expensive than eating in a restaurant. Obviously, when we eat at home we do the preparation, cooking and serving of the food ourselves and therefore, do not need to pay the labor costs of the cook, waiter and other restaurant staff. Similarly, we have no other overheads to pay for such as restaurant rent and high utility bills. A further cost saving is that we shop for the ingredients of our home-cooked meals ourselves and can choose those which are cheaper in price.

Number two: Healthier, eating at home is much better for our health and general wellbeing than dining outside. At home, when cooking for ourselves, we can ensure that what goes into our meals is not bad for us. We can control the amount of oil we use. We can control the amount of salt we use and we can balance our diet to suit our own individual needs. When we eat at a restaurant, none of these things are possible. At home we can also cook just enough food to satisfy us. In a restaurant we are often given too much or too little food on our plate.

Finally number three: Comfortable, eating at home is much more comfortable than having dinner or lunch in a public place. At home, we can be more relaxed than in a restaurant. We can wear comfortable, casual clothes; even pajamas.

In conclusion, it is my opinion that for reasons of comfort, cost and health, eating at home is preferable to eating in a restaurant or at a foodstand.

For a more healthy lifestyle try cooking at home more often; you will save money, your family will love you for it and best of all the leftovers are better the next day compared to fast food leftovers. Not only that, you don’t know what they put in your food that may cause headaches, diarrhea, or food poisoning. Cooking at home is safer because you know what you’re putting into your food compared to someone else cooking it. If you decide to start cooking at home come to for all of your cooking needs.


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